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Dear Dario is a hard-hitting rock band from Chicago, IL specializing in buzzing riffs, powerful vocals, and heart pounding rhythms. Established in 2016, the four-piece original act has been filling clubs all around Chicago. With their artistic style and high energy performances, Dear Dario creates an extraordinary atmosphere at every show.

Their sound is attributed to a combination of authentic rock, alternative grunge, and pop influences - resulting in an organic style that bridges the gap between mainstream and grunge. Dear Dario is able to entice a wide variety of music lovers through their old-school rock values and modern songwriting approach.

Anthony, CT, and E, all being expectational musicians, combined produce a larger-than-life sound within Dear Dario. Singer-Songwriter Anthony Dario’s poetic lyricism and melodic riffs, create a roller-coaster of dynamics that forges an emotional connection with audiences at every performance. The band as a whole brings seductive rhythms, captivating melodies, and mesmerizing instrumentals, leaving the crowd with an unforgettable experience.

Dear Dario is here to revive rock and roll and bring the heart back to a lost genre.

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Anthony Dario
Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist

Anthony was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He received his first guitar at 3 years old as he began attending the Suzuki Music Academy where is studied Flamenco and Classical Guitar. By 5 years old, he had already began performing in many prestigious venues throughout the Chicagoland, including the Chicago Orchestra Hall and The Chicago Theatre. Anthony's passion for guitar grew into a love for songwriting. As he progressed, so has his style of music. Mixing Spanish influenced rhythms with and alternative grunge rock edge, Anthony has created his own unique sound and style. After being involved in a few bands, in 2014, Anthony decided to take on his own musical career as a professional acoustic and alternative rock artist. He originated "The Anthony Dario Band" which soon became known as "Dear Dario."

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Carl Thomas Garcia
Bassist/ Backing Vox

CT originates from Schaumburg IL. He began playing bass in '98 with a band called the Disposable Pets. After 8 years into his musical journey, he decided to experiment with more genres and groups, thus expanding his musical talents and style. He found himself returning to the stage in '08 with the band From the Broken. Eventually the band split up and C.T. relocated to Austin, TX in '10 where he retired from the music industry to follow a career in Bar Management. After moving back to his hometown of Chicago in '15, he was introduced to Anthony Dario, who shared his passion for music and authentic rock and roll. Shortly after they met, C.T. pulled himself out of retirement to share the stage and fulfill his musical venture with...

Dear Dario.

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Eric “E” Johnson
Lead Guitarist/ Backing Vox

From his hometown of Seattle, WA, Eric began his musical journey by picking up his first guitar at the age of 12. influenced by many musical surroundings growing up, as well as his father's work as a sound engineer, Eric decided early on in life he would pursue a career in the music industry. Eric diligently worked on developing his undeniable guitar talent and began working with several bands and churches throughout the Seattle area. by the age of 18, he left his hometown to study more technical aspects of pro audio at the highly acclaimed, Georgia Tech. After receiving his Masters in Electrical Engineering and performing consistently all over the east coast, Eric decided to take his musical and technical skills to a new market and pursue his dream with an original act. Enter the city of Chicago and Dear Dario.